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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Family planning for women beggars ! - must and should !

Most of us know that the woman beggars on the roads and at traffic signals are often found carrying big tummies ! Yes they are pregnants again soon after they deliver a baby ! Lets talk openly and in a broader sense. It's human tendency that one feels erotic at times and feels like satisfying their pleasure hunger. It's a different case when we speak about married and unmarried people in the society. But for those less fortunates on the road side, they have no other go than satisfying those men who crave for sex. They lend their bodies just for the sake of money. Finally, they are pregnants and they deliver babies on the roadside itself. I have seen a lady delivering a baby at around 11 in the night and cutting off the naval connection with a blade. Yes! I was shocked, surprised, felt sad and what not ! I was expression less and speech less. Most sadest part is that those babies are the ones who feed their moms. Yes ! the lady takes the baby to a nearby traffic signal and out of sympathy, people just drop coins into her hands. Those little innocent babies are not fed properly and are left with no concern on roads. On one unfortunate day, those babies grow up to see the world with nobody to care for them. With no other go, they turn into beggars too. If it is a girl child, she turns into a prostitute to earn her daily bread and if its a boy child, he turns out to be a "chotu- the chai wala" or a pocket picker. In worst cases they turn out to be rack pickers. The government has many schemes for various caders of less fortunates living in the society. But what about those who have no home to live, nothing to wear and nothing to eat? The point that I want to put across is that " THEY NEED FAMILY PLANNING OERATIONS DONE FOR SURE". Yes ! or else India will turn out to be a country having highest percentage of beggars. Coz, beggars have no overview of life and their productivity goes into the profession of begging ! I have written this write-up with a positive intention so that my trials of making the officials understand will succeed if atleast a few of you read it and pass on the message. I am sure one day this will reach the officials. Ofcourse those sincere !